Gas Tank Adapter Short


Gas tank filler part # GTA100 “Short” This Adapter is used with filler to eliminate hose and hose clamps when installing a bed mounted gas tank. This adapter allows for the gas tank to sit higher in the frame rails raising the gas tank ground clearance. This is a bolt on unit. Simply locate the desired area of your filler and using a 1 ¾ hole saw drill the top of the tank where desired fill neck should be. Insure that there are no intrusions like splash shields in the area of the desired location. Align the adapter with the 1 ¾ hole. Drill and mount the adapter with gasket and 6 securing screws. Now you can align your filler neck to this adapter or use ours which can be purchased separately or as a kit. NOTE: Extreme caution should be taken when drilling gas tanks to avoid explosions if sparks should occur. NOTE: Not recommended for any application if a gas tank has had fuel applied to it at any time. NOTE: Adapter should be used with new gas tank that has not had fuel in it to prevent possible hazards. GAS FILLER SOLD SEPARATELY


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