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1957 Corvette Resto-Mod


1957 Corvette Resto Mod This car doesn't try for a moment to hide its uniqueness. By definition, pro-touring cars are virtually irresistible because they combine everything great about modern performance with everything loved in vintage style. And who doesn't enjoy cruising a classic that mixes the best attributes of old school Detroit muscle with the killer performance of modern American icons? As a professionally built custom that delivers on every level, this sweet Corvette is the kind of car you simply CAN'T ignore. It wraps a custom chassis, unique body modifications, a modern transmission and Chevrolet Performance V8 in a tasteful restoration that oozes the style and class which made Corvettes the stuff of legend. If you're looking for an impressive classic that'll fare well on the road AND at the show, check out this awesome Chevy! A car this cool on the outside is going to wow you on the interior, too. Blue leather seats creates a striking and uniform package that lets you know this custom 'Vette could win awards on the interior alone. And more than just look fantastic, there are plenty of great comfort features like the full custom gauge package, an AM/FM stereo, and provisions for power windows. Best of all, there's ice-cold modern R134a air conditioning, so you can stay cool while looking cool driving with the top down any time of year. Everywhere you park, you won't be able to resist lifting the hood and showing off this exceptional engine bay. Just like the rest of this custom build, you're looking at a heavy investment in creating a fully-coordinated package. Everything under the hood is body color, and it stays true to this uniform presence right down to the performance air filter. And more than just the color presentation, the way the firewall is so smooth and the entire appearance is clutter-free, tells you this was a meticulous labor of love. Besides just looking great, you're going to love driving this one. Gaze upon this Chevy's body-matched engine bay and you'll find a fuel injected small block fury! That's because the LS1 callouts were not lying. And you have complete control over this 5.7-liter fuel-injected power plant. Out on the road, this handles like a sports car should. Plus the fully independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes take this first generation car and bring it in line with some of the most modern Corvettes out there. There is a different caliber of custom car, and it's the kind you can put a mirror under at any show. This is obviously that kind of upper-echelon machine. It retains the iconic design lines that made the Corvette America's sports car. You’ll also be winning awards in a unique build that has been customized over every inch. Who doesn't want a 1957 Corvette that's better than new in virtually every way? Thanks to its fresh restoration, this vivid drop-top retains authentic Motor City feel while adding modern components to an already awesome ownership experience. If you're in the market for a storied classic that's fully detailed and ready to hit the road, welcome to the Chevrolet family! $140,000.00 Please contact Mark at 714-957-2806 for more information at viewing times and location. You can also see more information at: under Top Sellers, or Email questions to:


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