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    1957 Corvette Resto-Mod

    This car doesn't try for a moment to hide its uniqueness. By definition, pro-touring cars are virtually irresistible because they combine everything great about modern performance with everything loved in vintage style. And who doesn't enjoy cruising a classic that mixes the best attributes of old school Detroit muscle with the killer performance of modern American icons? As a professionally built custom that delivers on every level, this sweet Corvette is the kind of car you simply CAN'T ignore. It wraps a custom chassis, unique body modifications, a modern transmission and Chevrolet Performance V8 in a tasteful restoration that oozes the style and class which made Corvettes the stuff of legend. If you're looking for an impressive classic that'll fare well on the road AND at the show, check out this awesome Chevy!


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    5100E Has it all. For a limited Time

    For a limited time only our everything kit has it all! Kit Includes: 5100 Professional kit. White and Red torque springs, Small and large mushroom buttons in Delrin and aluminum, Half round wide and thin, sharp point.


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    5100 – Professional Kit: Heavy Duty

    The Professional Kit includes the standard adjustable main body with a Heavy Duty Nose Cone and medium duty spring. It comes with a 5 3/4" Steel Extension and a large assortment of 9 tool bits which include the Steel and Delrin Barrel Tip, Steel and Delrin Flat Nose, Steel and Delrin Bullet Nose, Steel and Delrin Flat Pointed Tip, and Steel Chisel Bit. The extension is great when you're trying to access a hard to reach area. This is a very well-rounded kit that's ready to perform most repairs for auto body, paint-less dent repairs, sheet metal fabrication, stainless and aluminum trim repairs. Part# 5100 (patented)


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    Brake Bleeding Tool

    Brake bleeding problems solved with simple tool. Using this brake tool allows full flow of fluid to all bleeder valves quickly with less frustration. Fits most makes and models.


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    Aluminum Mushroom Button (Large)

    The 1" wide Aluminum Mushroom Button is great for auto body repairs, paint-less dent repairs, sheet metal fabrication and repairs, stainless steel repairs, aluminum body panels and moldings, also license plate repairs. Part # 31-a (patented)