About PapaDent

Mark Boice has been working as a professional body man for over 35 years. During this time, his first-class custom automotive restoration shop, Scared Shiftless, has restored hundreds of cars.

He always knew that fillers where not the answer to quality custom auto body work and understood the need for a well-designed, easy to use, compact, value priced auto body tool that could perform paint less dent removal as well as have the ability to perform small dent repair by a professional or DIY’er.

Not wanting to use the remove and replace strategy, because small dents could not be removed due to the limited space available to swing a hammer, Mark developed Papa-Dent. This amazing tool has many uses in the PDR and auto body repair business, as well as at home. This tool is easy to use and can get in areas where hammers and dollys are limited.

Papa-Dent is the only tool of its kind in the world, and has endless possibilities. With the help of his friends and co-workers, Mark has designed, patented, and manufactures this innovative tool in his shop in Santa Ana, California.