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1934 Alvis Van De Plas Open Tourer


1934 Alvis Van Den Plas Open Tourer The Alvis Speed 20 is one of the more seldom-seen Classics in the United States. It was a superb British grand tourer that had a triple-carbureted six-cylinder engine and underslung chassis, which provided superb performance and handling, and it became the basis for some truly outstanding coachwork, with perhaps the most beautiful and expensive bodies being produced by Van Den Plas, of London. Very rare and unusual Alvis Open Tourer with coachwork by Van Den Plas. As far as it is known, the Van Den Plas Open Tourer was the only ever one designed with bobbed fenders, Side mounts, no running boards, short windshield, side curtains, (no Windows) rear trunk compartment for side curtains, and long trunk area. It is possible that this example is the sole survivor of this type of body. There were many other comfort features and a very high quality finish. 1934 Alvis Speed 20 with Van Den Plas coachwork. 2.7 litre Alvis 6-cylinder engine, is equipped with triple carbs. The gearbox, an Alvis strong point, is a pleasure to use benefiting from superb synchro-mesh making it a pleasure to drive. The car has six new tyres fitted and sits on rebuilt wire wheels. With the adoption of independent transverse-leaf front suspension, adjustable 'Telecontrol' rear shock absorbers and an all-synchromesh four-speed manual gearbox gave it a technological edge over rivals such as the Bentley 3.5 Litre and Lagonda M45. A welcome carryover, the marque's smooth but free-revving 2511cc OHV straight-six engine ensured that performance remained a strong suit. Featuring dual magneto / coil ignition, triple SU carburetors and an aluminum crankcase, the proven power plant reputedly endowed the Speed 20 SB with a 90 mph top speed. Riding on nineteen-inch 'jelly mould' wire wheels, the Alvis further benefited from sizable fourteen-inch drum brakes, well-weighted Marles Weller steering and a Luvax-Bijur lubricating system. Great attention to detail is adhered to during this restoration with detailed drawings and photographs taken. This handsome Alvis is more than just a seldom-seen and beautiful Full Classic, as it is being offered today at a reasonable price of $800,000.00 restored or can be purchased prior to completion in your own facility. Please contact Mark at 714-957-2806 for more information at viewing times and location. You can also see more information at: under Top Sellers, or Email questions to:    


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